Restaurant Etiquette: How to Dine Out Like a Gentleman

Restaurant Etiquette: How to Dine Out Like a Gentleman

Our table manners are always under scrutiny if it is a formal business or a social function. Though we know better than showing up at a ‘white tablecloth restaurant’ in our flip-flops as well as ripped jeans, not everybody knows that the nuances of good food etiquette. However, dining out doesn’t have to be an intimidating knowledge. Strap in for the list of good dining etiquette:

# With the Waiter

Waving your arms impatiently to catch the waiter’s attention won’t cause a pair of wings to sprout and rush towards you. So, just make eye contact and raise your index finger slightly that should be the trick. Speaking in monosyllables and looking down at the menu card while talking to the waiter is very rude also.

# At Your Table

At a popular restaurant, everyone is dying to get a table, but you have been smart: you’ve made reservations. But don’t wait too long if you arrive for a 7 p.m. reservation at 7:30 p.m. Being punctual is just reflected in how much you value time.

At fine dining, regardless of whether it is a professional or social setting, it is essential to know in advance the likes and dislikes of your guests. Basic like entertaining foreign guests in a restaurant where Chinese food is served, advising them to eat with their hands may not be a great decision. It must be avoided as they may not feel comfortable with it. Checkout the Dawn News article about table manners on

Restaurant Etiquette: How to Dine Out Like a Gentleman

# While Ordering

Let your guest order first and try to order a similar number of courses as him. When you order wine, you know better than to advertise the price range you are seeking. You can always read about a fine wine list and what sets them apart. Whether the dishes have fancy names you can’t figure out, there’s nothing wrong with asking the waiter what the dish is made up of. Let them know about any allergies you may have beforehand as well.

# Napkins and Knives

It is necessary to know where to place the napkin. Place the napkin on your lap while you are at the table enjoying your meal. If you apologize for going to the bathroom, leave the napkin on your chair. Carefully place the napkin on the left side of your plate on the table once you are done with your meal. Click here for more about dining etiquette & table manners.

When you have started a meal, it is inappropriate to let any part of your knife or fork rest off the plate. While resting they can be placed in an inverted V position, once you finish your meal place them together at position 10:20 on your plate. If the cutlery on the table includes multiple forks and knives, go inside out with every plate. Start with those farthest from the plate and work your way as your meal progresses.

Basic Table Manners

A lot of habits have fallen out of the circle of good table manners. Sitting up straight and keeping your elbows off the table is essential. When you drink from a glass, keep your eyes on the glass, not everyone else in the restaurant. If you clink glasses to say hello, be sure to look your partner in the eyes when you do so.

Eat with the left and drink with the rights which at first contrasts with what the Indians are used to. The bread and butter plate is always on the left and all the glassware on the right. This will make sure that you don’t bump your elbows with your guests while enjoying your meal.